Who is Nacole

I am Nacole

I am Nacole

Who am I:  For all that don’t know me. I am Nacole, from Louisville Ky. I am a Lesbian women in my early thirties. I was a non believer for many years and realized that something was keeping me alive to do something great. And after many years of trying to find myself I finally found it. Through spirituality. A lot of people believe that Religious and Spirituality is the same thing. But it is two totally different things.  To me religious means the you  believe that god (one man) Controls our life from above and controls your lite.. Spirituality for me is being the god of our selves and controlling our own future and reality. And believing in the earth and universe for healing. Spirituality is about Healing within first then the outside will follow suit.
What am I? I am what people call Psychic. I do not care for titles I am clearly just ME. I have a gift of premonition I have the gift to warn you of good and bad people entering your life. I have the gift to tell you if something is going to happen and the outcome of the situation.  As bad as it sounds. My gift is to heed you of something to come rather it be bad or good and give you the strength to over come it. My other gifts include knowing when Spirits are around or if they are in sight of my hearing, and cleansing your home of spirits. And leading them to the the light.

One thought on “Who is Nacole

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for the great words of encouragement, you hit it right on the mark with your reading. I will be recommending you to other friends. I have visited many psychics and Tarot card readers and none of them have ever hit it on the mark like you did. I will be seeing you soon again! thanks once again you were magnificent

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